Window Cleaning

Green….Green….Green! Today our company, while using many conventional methods with environmentally green products, is also using one of the most advanced window cleaning systems in the industry.

Our company uses a 5 stage water treatment system that uses 99.9% pure water which allows it to dry without spots or streaks. The treatment process utilizes reverse osmosis and mixed bed de-mineralizing resin to produce 99.9% pure laboratory graded water. It leaves a shine on the glass and frames without the use of chemicals or detergents. The pure water “attracts” the dirt and grime and lifts it from almost any surface. The fact is the window is not just clean, it is left totally sterile. Environmentally, nothing is safer than pure water. This system also eliminates the need for ladders or roof access in high traffic areas decreasing the chances of overhead hazards. It allows access to overhead glass through advanced water fed poles.

This system also provides fast results with minimal inconvenience to the tenants. It is our goal to always provide the safest and most effective cleaning methods as possible. Contact us today and set up a free quote, or for more information.