Commercial Services


U.S. Servico, Inc. provides comprehensive janitorial and commercial cleaning services.  Our services include:

Office Cleaning:  Our team of cleaning experts will not only clean but sanitize your office space, including door handles.  U.S. Servico, Inc. can handle all of your office cleaning needs.

Carpet Cleaning:  With a keen eye for detail, U.S. Servico, Inc. cleans your commercial carpets with state-of-the-art products that are environmentally safe.

Windows: We provide a variety of window cleaning options including interior, exterior, non-perimeter and skylights.

Supplies:  In addition to our commercial services, U.S. Servico, Inc. can handle your cleaning supply inventory.

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning:  Blinds are a common collector of dust and germs in your office area.  U.S. Servico, Inc. uses ultrasonic cleaning methods to remove this debris.

Vinyl and Ceramic Tile Cleaning:  Tile of all types throughout office space can have wax build-up and appear dull.  U.S. Servico, Inc. has the expertise to clean and disinfect these surfaces and make them glisten.

Upholstery Cleaning:  Your office furniture and cubicle fabric can be overlooked and U.S. Servico, Inc. recognizes that these need to be included in your overall commercial cleaning process.

Light Bulbs:  With U.S. Servico, Inc.’s light bulb replacement plan, you will never be without light bulbs for your office.

Painting:  Office walls can quickly be nicked and frequently need cosmetic repairs.  U.S. Servico, Inc. offers a variety of wall maintenance and painting services.

Fire & Water Restoration:  In the event of an emergency related to fire or water damage, U.S. Servico, Inc. is available for restoration any time of the day or night.