Carpet Cleaning

Have Your Commercial Carpet and Upholstery Looking Like New!

Your office carpets and upholstery need constant attention.  With the daily traffic patterns from staff and guests, your carpets can quickly become dirty and drab. Office furniture such as chairs and cubicles also become soiled due to spills and dust collection. U.S. Servico, Inc. specializes in deep cleaning for both carpet and upholstery.

Carpets can collect salt build-up over the winter and mud from wet and damp weather all year long.  Add to this, coffee spills and other accidents are a daily occurences in offices.  U.S. Servico, Inc. can solve your carpet cleaning needs with our environmentally safe and professional cleaning process.  Our best practices and meticulous attention to detail will transform your carpets into fresh smelling and dirt free areas.

Often overlooked areas of offices are furniture and cubicle fabrics.  Similar to carpets, dirt and grime are built up on office chairs, sofas and cubicles.  Regularly scheduled cleaning of upholstery maintains the fabric, keeping it fresh and looking like new.

Keep your offices looking spectacular with U.S. Servico, Inc.’s expert carpet and upholstery cleaning services.  Learn how we can help keep your carpet and upholstery looking new by calling 248.926.8100 for a free consultation with our management team.