About Us

About Us:


U.S. Servico was established in 1966. At the time it was called Hand-D-Johnson. In the year of 1977, a gentleman named Karl Johnson approached the now current owner of U.S. Servico, Brian Rogers and asked him what he was doing for work. When he heard the answer – that he was a cook at Big Boy making $3.00 per hour, Karl offered $6.00 per hour to start swinging mops! Of course making $6.00 per hour in 1977 was quite exciting. Working nights was not! But after a week of trying to decide whether to continue playing ball 5 nights a week with his buddies or earning enough money to move out of his parent’s house, Brian decided on the latter.


So the following Monday, Brian and Karl filled up his truck with a buffer, buckets, mops and various cleaning solutions and headed off for training at a building that is still a client today, Marathon Oil Refinery. They pulled into a plant that had huge, noisy tanks and pumps and Brian wondered what the heck he had gotten himself into!


Well, he stuck it out, learned to drink coffee and came back for more. He learned every aspect of the business from the ground up. In late 1987, the company had an opportunity to secure a contract for cleaning services at a Ford Motor Co. facility. Karl was thinking retirement, but Brian, with two young sons, was thinking GROWTH!! Hence, one of the more difficult decisions  in his young career. He had known Karl since birth because Brian’s dad and Karl had met in Kindergarten and he had looked at Karl as a second father. But with strong dedication and commitment to family, Brian made Karl an offer to purchase. Karl accepted and the first thing Brian did was change the name to U.S. Servico, Inc.

Next on the agenda was to begin assembling a staff of professionals and joining the Building Service Contractors Association International in order to attend seminars and continue educating his staff.


And here we are, continuing to strive to provide our customers with the very best in Janitorial Services and Products.


One of Brian’s favorite memories is when, shortly before Karl passed, he took him to a facility of approximately 350,000 sq. ft. that U.S. SERVICO was servicing. Karl walked around looking at the facility and said, “You’ve come a long way son. I don’t know how you do it, but I always knew you could.”


Good parents Karl. All three of them!!